A New year and new madness from the puritans

Safe to Drink Four years of Drinkuary and the puritans just keep getting madder and more blatant. Sorry that this site has been a bit quite life has been happening. Drinkuary has though still been wittering away on Facebook and Twitter – one day I’ll get cross posting between these places sorted.

So what a start to the year, in December I thought that the new DryJanuary advert was an amazing gift it’s so risible, but it seem the puritans have really let their mask slip this year, more on both later. Lets instead start with some good news Tryanuary are doing great stuff this year and have already raised £1,000 for MacMillan whilst carrying on drinking. Do go and check out what they’re doing.

So what have the Puritans been up to this year, well if you’re lucky you’ll have missed the risible advert for Cancer Research “Dryathlon” which seems to mainly feature someone running around naked except for nipple tassels and a head band. Seriously I kid you not, I asked them if they could explain it but they never got back to me. If you think I’m kidding here’s the logo direct from their website.
dryathlon 2016 hero
That they equate not drinking with being an athlete and a hero suggests they’ve got some serious problems they need to work through. They are of course still happy to sell indulgences to their fellow cultists who want a drink. That the whole campaign is puritanical in nature is made quite clear as the advert talks about “giving up one more sin”. I won’t get started on the terrible use of English and the double negative in their refrain “we’re still not drinking nothing” so they’re drinking something right? (Karmarama you should hang your heads in shame).

So much for the Dryathlon over at DryJanuary their open letter to pubs answering concerns they demonstrate how alien they are to pubs and the brewing trade, dismissing any concern about loss of revenue by basically saying “just sell mocktails instead”. Which may or may not help some pubs, but is of no use to the brewing trade, especially smaller breweries. You do also have to wonder how they can claim it won’t impact pubs when they list one of the benefits of not drinking as “save loads of dosh” presumably dosh that might have gone tot he pub and related trades? The entire tone of the letter comes across as smug and condescending to me, but maybe that’s just me. Oh and their advert is also horrible.

Whilst I’m talking about Dry January I can’t help but think that Alcohol Concern are being a little bit disingenuous to say the least when they say
“the money you donate will help Alcohol Concern, the national charity dedicated to tackling the harm caused by alcohol to individuals, families and society. Did you know that 93,500 babies under 1 live with a parent who is a problem drinker? Your donations and fundraising can help provide awareness around the issues, get young people involved in conversations around alcohol for the first time, and help to protect families.”

Which to me suggests that they’re maybe actually helping those people, doing something practical perhaps? Sadly of course what they actually do is in the key words “help provide awareness”, because all they actually do is run advertising/awareness campaigns – or as I’d be more inclined to put it nag and hector.

Finally though the big news of the year, new Government guide lines have been released lowering the recommend drinking limits to just 14 units a week for everyone, so no more than a pint a day. Of course it doesn’t stop there, the guidelines also recommend that you have days off drinking, but also don’t drink more than 3 pints at a time or you’re binge drinking. So you can get away with 2 pints every other day as long as they’re not too strong. The real kicker in the advice tough was that there is now “no safe level of drinking”. So the end game of prohibition is now clearly in their sights, once you’ve said no level of drinking is safe the only way policy can go is towards prohibition, there are already new calls for cigarette style health warnings on alcoholic drinks. There are some excellent articles written by other people that debunk the bogus data that was used to come up with this new figure (the old drink limits were plucked out of the air to start with, I won’t say where I think these were pulled from), as well as looking at what the implications of these guidelines actually are. I’ll do a round up of those article in the next day or so. To end on a cheerier note though, there are signs that the puritans may have moved to fast with this and over played their hand, judging by the number of articles in normally puritan friendly press that have greeted these new guide lines with a resounding “piss off and leave us alone”. So with luck maybe the tide is starting to turn – though past evidence says if we let up the fight the puritans will just resume their efforts where they left off.


800 years of beer

Today marks the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta, most famous for being the cornerstone of liberty and democracy the world over. However as the good people behind Beer day observe the drafters of this most important of documents considered beer important enough to warrant an entire clause of its own. Article 35 of the great charter stated:

‘Let there be throughout our kingdom a single measure for wine and a single measure for ale and a single measure for corn, namely “the London quarter”‘

So a quarter tun, or 8 gallons – a size which has largely dropped out of popular use this side of the pond at least. That however is no reason not to raise a glass to the Magna Carta and beers place in it.

March round up

sharing the toolsMarch has been quite a busy month and for once a lot of it is good news so here’s some highlights.

So with no new action from the Puritans and increasing advertising spend by “big-booze” alcohol consumption continues to fall year on year – yet the Puritans still want more restrictions it’s almost as if it had nothing to do with health but more due to some sort of moral disapproval of people having fun. As LegIron asks about tobacco how much lower would the “cost” to the NHS be if they stopped spending so much on nagging us?