Number Crunching

As the fake charities and puritans like to throw around statistics and figures to demonstrate how evil drinking is here’s a few they may be less keen on mentioning – mainly taken from Velvet glove iron fist and The Beer Tutor and last but not least the NHS.

Beer strength plummeted during the war years due to shortages and hasn’t yet recovered to pre-war strengths (and anecdotally was even higher in the 1800’s). The current figure used by the Government for average strength beers is 4%, 0.23% below the actual average.
Average beer strength

We’re number two in the world for duty on beer at 55.5p per pint beaten only by Finland on 69.8p a pint – that doesn’t include vat. When you include VAT the picture looks more like this (vat + duty):
Tax on a pint of beer

As for the drunkeness problem convictions (and now including police cautions) have fallen year on year since 1979 (120,000) to a current low of less than 25,000 a year for the entire UK. Oh and (from the same source) since 1980 we’ve fallen from 6th to 16th for per capita alcohol consumption. Even the BBC report that alcohol consumption is falling but for Alcohol concern that’s not enough as apparently there’s still 10 million of drinking more than they say we should.

  • 2008 “estimated” cost to NHS from all things booze related £2.7 billion
  • Government revenue from beer only £ 5.5 billion
  • Government revenue from all booze taxes $ 14.6 billion
  • Total estimated cost to society from booze (NHS, lost productivity, anti-social behaviour etc. etc.) £ 16.4 billion

In fact the tax from booze and fags alone cover about a quarter of the entire NHS budget. The taxes alone pretty much cover all the alleged costs, even before you consider how much money booze puts into the economy, work created and all the other good.

  • Number of deaths directly related to alcohol 6,669 (2010)
  • Number of deaths caused by medical error 40,000
  • Number of premature deaths due to care pathway 130,000


  • Increase in deaths due to medical error (2005 – 2009) 60%
  • Increase in deaths directly attributed to alcohol (2001 – 2010) 22%
  • Increase in rate of pub closures (2011 – 2012) 50%

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