A modest proposal

Safe to Drink I have suggested that the Government should follow its own guidelines when it comes to booze. People have objected to this on various grounds that, we should live and let live, that they’re only guidelines or that the guidelines are reasonable so why should we object? Whilst I disagree with all of these points for various reasons none of them are arguments against the petition.

If the guidelines are just guidelines then that’s fine but if the Government would like us to pay attention to them they should lead by example. They’re spending our money to tell us to drink less and that there is no safe level of drinking, so that being the case what could speak more clearly than their taking the lead to practice what they preach?

I absolutely agree that we should live and let live, so if the Government wants to stop telling me how much to drink and funding “charities” to tell me to drink less, then I’ll happily ignore how much they drink. But all the time they make it their business how much I drink, then it’s my business how much they drink.

IF as some people hold the guidelines are perfectly reasonable and “14 units a week… its plenty for [you]” then what’s the problem with asking the Government to keep to those same guidelines after all it’s plenty.

If our leaders want to drink more off Government property then we’re not going to stop them, but on Government time and property let them take the lead and set an example. Given the health risks we’re told we suffer by drinking and how perfectly reasonable these guidelines are what possible objection could they have to leading by example?

So if you think the guidelines are unfair and the government should leave us alone, or if you think it’s all perfectly reasonable then in either case please sign and share the petition. After all if the guidelines are oh so reasonable why would anyone object to following them?

petition that the Government follow its own advice on drinking

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