Follow your own guidelines

Safe to Drink As the Government have decided that there is no safe level of drinking, and that we shouldn’t drink more than a pint a day, it seems to me that they really should lead by example and follow their own guidelines. If there’s no safe level of drinking then how can they possibly justify having bars in the houses of Parliament, or indeed serving alcohol at any governmental event, such a thing would surely be a dereliction of their duty of care. At the very least they should enforce the new drink limits and make sure that within the parliamentary bars the MPs and other staff never drink more than the guidelines. So just to encourage them in following the advice they’d give to the rest of us, there is a petition that they follow their own advice.
“Given the new advice on alcohol, that there is no safe limit, all Government buildings and events should be alcohol free, alternatively any alcohol subsidy should be removed & the new limits, including recommendations on days of abstention and a daily limit of 3 drinks be strictly enforced”

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